Other Products
     We are constantly updating our product lists to provide the best
  selection of products for our customers.  Some of the items that will
            be found at this link in the near future are listed below.  
    'Please feel free to call or e-mail for details and current availability!
Aluminum -- sheet plate 3003-H14, aluminum plate 6061-T651,
   aluminum diamond tread plate 3003-H22 bright or 6061-T6 mill,
   aluminum angles, channels (American Std. and American Assn.),
   aluminum beams (American Std. and American Assn.),
   aluminum flats, rounds, squares and hexagons,
   round pipe structural, square tubing, rectangular tubing,
   round tubing, round tubing seamless
Stainless Steel -- stainless sheet 7 gauge to 28 gauge,
   stainless plate & floor plate, stainless angles,
   stainless channels, stainless beams, 
   stainless flats, rounds, squares and hexagons,
   stainless square and rectangular tubing, stainless welded pipe
Miscellaneous Steel Products -- rebar & remesh, threaded rod,
   fasteners, roof deck
*** Please inquire with Salesperson for availability ***