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Traverse City MI 49686-9180

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Phone: 231-946-8434   or   800-223-8434

Fax:     231-946-3105   or   800-858-8434

E-mail:    insales@jacklinsteel.com

Our new Mazak Super Turbo-X 510 Mk II laser, with 4000 watts of power, cuts precise shapes from steel up to 3/4” thick on a

5-foot by 10-foot bed.

Plate Roller—3/8” x 8 ft mild steel

Whether you need identical parts or a single carefully-cut plate, we can take it from CAD to production.

Our 600-ton brake can put a 90-degree bend in a 16-foot piece of 3/4” mild steel. We have a 2-axis CNC back gauge.  Call us to see how we can handle your project.

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